Brussels Travel Information

First thing strikes on everyone's mind by the name "BRUSSELS" is full of creativity and mind-blowing work by architectures. The beauty of the city is breathtaking. It is capital of Belgium and of the great European Union. This city is home of comic books and chocolates. In general weather of Brussels can be said pretty humid. There are so many things to pleasure one's eyes.

Sports Nutrition In 5 Easy Layers

Glamour Of Nutritional Supplements

Sports Nutrition For All

Sufficient water intake is needed by the body throughout the day, especially after a good workout. It makes sense, being that 70% of our body is comprised of water. Individual organs raise that estimate even higher, such as the brain which is approximately 80% water. If you are concerned about adding water weight, remember: water weight does not come from drinking water! Instead, omit soda, alcohol and other high calorie beverages from your diet.

Airsoft As A Serious Sport

Many people don't like firearms, owning them, having them in their homes, or even thinking about the violence associated with guns or weaponry. I personally don't like Brussel sprouts, or spiders. However, get an airsoft gun in my hand, and I am right at home, as home as I would be sweeping my front porch or sleeping in my bed.

Eurostar Breaks - A Destination Guide

Eurostar and city breaks are becoming ever more popular as the credit crunch bites hard and many in the UK are swapping long summer holidays for two or three well planned short breaks. You are probably know that Eurostar travels to Paris, Brussels, Lille, Amsterdam and Disneyland Paris but have you thought about traveling even further and visiting these Eurostar destinations:

Can Athletes Benefit From a Raw Food Diet?

Many people have asked me this question. And my answer is a definite... YES!

A Brief History of Muscle Training

The beginnings of bodybuilding in Europe in the late 19th century are associated with the invention of photographic apparatus, which is then transferred to a world audience the shocking images of muscular men. The first famous bodybuilder Eugene Sandow (born Friedrich Müller 1867), began his career under the patronage of Oscarda Attila (Louis Durlacher born 1844), then a professional strongman. Oscard Attila wanted to convert Sandow sports figure in the body of a bodybuilder. Sandow...

Vertical Jump Training - Managing Carbohydrates

So if you have been training for a while I am sure by now it's been drilled into your head many times that you need Protein to recover from your intense training workouts. Whey isolate protein three times a day especially after workouts blah blah blah. This is true but what about the rest of your diet? Have you ever gone to the gym feeling flat, tired or just lacking that spark of intensity you...

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