Where to Visit - Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and is considered to be the de facto capital of the European Union, with European Parliament being vested here. Brussels is defiantly a great cultural holiday destination.

Brussels Tour Packages

A holiday in Brussels can be an extremely hectic one, and even if you fritter a full week here, you will be forced hard to fit in all that Brussels tour has to present.Stunning memorials, attention-grabbing buildings, vivacious squares, gorgeous city parks, and attractive cafes are just few of the things that make Brussels travel very satisfying. Carry a comfortable pair of walking shoes for your Brussels vacation, and be sure to take in a...

Visit Brussels - The Embodiment of New Europe

Brussels is becoming one of the trendiest hotspots in Europe for tourism and business purposes. It is seen as the ultimate weekend getaway for most people in Europe. Apart from the beer and chocolates, Brussels also has a vast range of tourist attractions that has enthralled the tourists and led to it earning the title of the "European Village". Over ninety beautiful parks, museums, fascinating walks, trendy bars and restaurants make the city a fun...

Brussels - Chocolate, Beer and Sightseeing

Brussels is an ideal destination for British holidaymakers. With its location in the crossroads of different cultures, and as headquarters to many European institutions, it fits the archetype of a melting pot city, yet still manages to retain its own flavour. Renowned for its landmarks, chocolate, waffles and beer, it is just a short trip away on the Eurostar, perfect for a relaxing and fulfilling weekend getaway. In order to make a trip to Brussels...

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