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Brussel sprouts are a great vegetable to add to anyone's garden. They do well in a variety of temperate climates, so regions where cold weather sets in, brussel sprouts will do just fine.

Brussels - Belgium

The city is believed to be the biggest urban area of Belgium. It includes 19 municipalities. The city of Belgium is also part of these municipalities and is also the capital of the country. Brussels is home to about 1 million people now, whereas the population of the metropolitan area is about 1.8 million approximately. After World War II, Brussels became the centre of different big organizations such as NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Many...

Brussels Travel Guide: Know Everything Before Travelling

Brussels, the capital of city of Belgium is a well-known European tourist destination. This exciting modern city is rich in amazing medieval and nouveau art buildings. Museums, cultural attractions, tourist attractions, historical places, monuments, architecture, marvel, statue, bountiful cafes, restaurants, clubs, great shopping and more depicts the story of the development of the city. The cosmopolitan city Belgium is a great centre for businessmen and bureaucrats. Aluminium, steel and atomium structure depicts the world recognised...

Luxury Hotels in Brussels

Brussels is always in the world news as one of the most important base for international politics in the European Union. It is basically a collective city as many institutions and organizations all have headquarters in this place. This inland capital city is by The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, because of this it claims the name 'Capital of Europe'.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Brussels

Brussels is a most popular city of Belgium and the most populous too. Brussels is the largest urban area of Belgium and also the capital city of European Union (EU). This city has grown from tenth century and today is one of the most fantastic places around the world. In Brussels you will experience an oceanic climate. Millions of people come around to this place in a year and enjoy themselves fully. The main language...

Delicious Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Little sulphuric orbs that stand for anything and all that may be anti-climatic about Christmas with the family. Brussels sprouts, having only made their way to Britain and Ireland in the early nineteenth century, promptly forced their way on to the Christmas table - as a 'traditional' accompaniment to roast turkey and ham. With the multiple commitments in and outside a Christmas Day kitchen word of mouth suggests that they are often not given the...

Cheap Brussel Sprouts

This can be a very expensive vegetable during the season, and you rarely see it sold cheaply. Understandably, as it requires a long growing season, the commercial growers have to recoup their losses for having their land tied up for four or five months with one vegetable. Grown easily in a home garden it is interesting to grow, so if you have space, grow it.

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