Enjoying the Annual Art Brussels Fair

Art Brussels is a major event which welcomes 30,000 plus visitors and exhibitors each year. The show has been running since 1982 and is firmly established on the international arts calendar, something which the high visitor numbers and the competition to exhibit at the show represents. Art Brussels is held in the Brussels Expo centre in the centre of the city, and therefore there are good links to the show and plenty of hotels in...

Festivals in Brussels

Within the Brussels city limits two cultures, the Flemish and the French, co-exist and create a diverse and exciting atmosphere. A myriad of tiny art cafes, medieval buildings, art deco architecture, bustling markets and a host of galleries and museums await you on your Brussels city hotel doorstep. Brussels also happens to be home to a wealth of exciting festivals including art, film, music and food and drink. If you feel spoilt for choice, here...

Superb Museums in Compelling Brussels

Brussels is the capital place of Belgium. It is a mod, actual metropolis with a friendly population and cosy surroundings. The place promotes some of the most distinguished cookery in Europe, and produces some of the world's superior chocolate. Fine beer and hot waffles are also parts of the borough's culture. The stunning architecture, charming and radiant chemistry, cafes and pubs that never close, seafood in well known restaurants, designer shops, pheasant and truffles in...

The Secret Views of Brussels

When you go to a Brussels city hotel, whether it's for business or pleasure, one of the little details that can make or break a stay is finding a room with a view. City vistas are always in demand, and a good picture is worth its weight in gold as a memento of your journey. But it's worth exploring a little to find a truly unique picture. Here are a few off-the-beaten-track cityscapes to find...

Out And About In Brussels

Your destination for royal artistry, majestic structural designs, and rich traditions & customs, Brussels is an appealing, generous and historic city of glories and gorgeousness. The Belgian capital is one of the finest cities of the world. The main governmental, economic, literary, business, and industrial hub of Belgium, Brussels is also the political seat of NATO.

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