Discover Art in Brussels

There's more to visiting Brussels than digging into a giant bowl of mussels with fries on the side. Discover all the incredible art & culture Brussels has to offer.

Brussels and Its Cultural Monuments

Brussels is a recognized center of European culture as the city has numerous historical monuments. However, currently the capital of Belgium is more known for the high development of modern science and art. The symbol of Brussels is the famous Manneken Pis, The Peeing Boy, a fountain dating back to early 17th century, centrally located a few steps from the main square. Julien, as they call the sculpture of the boy is often decorated in...

Brussels City Breaks

Brussels is a unique city with a population of 3 million. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and also home of European Union. If you are traveling to Brussels, you will fascinate with the breathtaking beauty of the art and architecture of this charming city. Belgium is popular for Belgian beers as well as Chocolates. Brussels is a city of world-class architecture buildings, museums, monuments, cultural attractions, great shopping and unrivalled nightlife.

Sublime Brussels Has the Choice Private Golf Courses

Brussels, pronounced Bruxelles in French and Brussel in Dutch is the capital of Belgium. The French and Dutch names spring from the dual-language ethnology of the country it portrays. While the town may seem to be the mingling point of variant cultures and languages, Brussels still has a unique identity that leaves room for it to be explored thoroughly by sociologists and day-trippers alike. The population of the metropolitan area goes up to as much...

Brussels - The European Capital of Food, Art and Festivals

Historically the Dutch speaking inhabitants are now increasingly out numbered by the French speaking inhabitants but both languages have an official status here. It is a city of fine food, café culture, Art Nouveau architecture and the surreal. All their festivals and traditions are a good mix of both the cultures, which makes it a very enchanting and a different place to visit.

The Wonderful Capital of Belgium, Brussels

Belgium is located in the Northwest of Europe, and Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Belgium, are monarchy just like Sweden and Britain. Today I will introduce you something about Brussels that has a long history.

Brussels - City Guide

Brussels is the largest urban area in Belgium and also the capital city. It has grown from a medieval fortress town into a metropolitan with a large population. It is one of the main centres for international politics ever since the end of the Second World War. French and Dutch influence is abundant in this city. It is also an important destination for the high speed Eurostar service.

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